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1 What is #Blogsync?

Idea Bulb

Coherent Sharing of Ideas

With the explosion of teacher blogging there is a brilliant opportunity for us to synchronise our writing (at times) in order to provide a wider, deeper and more diverse canvassing of the important topics in Education. Think of this as the slow version of twitter or ukedchat.

Book Cascade

Homegrown, Real-World Thinking

The participants in this scheme are doing so of their own volition and represent all walks of the educational professions – from the classroom teacher to the high policy-maker and everyone in between.



Whether you are here simply to follow and read the monthly #blogsync or whether you are interested in contributing, be aware that this is a voluntary collective action. No one person controls it or determines its agenda. It’s simply a point of coalescence for a group of educators who are passionate about getting on with the job in the best ways possible.

2 How it works

  1. Every month a topic is decided

  2. Bloggers “sign up” to write on this topic by the deadline

  3. Everyone blogging as part of that month’s #blogsync advertises the links to each others entries

  4. This site acts as a co-ordinating hub, advertising the topics and the blogs written under each month’s heading.

  5. For more information, check out the help pages




#blogsync 10: “Dear Mr Tristram Hunt”

  1. David Ellis: Dear Tristram.
  2. Amy Keenan: Dear Mr Tristram Hunt, These are my thoughts about teaching.
  3. Jude Enright: How every school should be.
  4. NancyAn Open Letter to Mr Tristram Hunt, Shadow Education Secretary.
  5. Michael Tidd: Dear Mr Hunt.
  6. cherrylkdA letter to Tristram Hunt MP. 
  7. Sue Cowley: Have a Little Faith.
  8. Dawn CoxThe Purpose of Schools.
  9. Chris Chivers: Dear Mr Hunt (an inclusion perspective).
  10. Secret Teacher: An Open Letter to Tristram Hunt…


#blogsync 9: “The Role of Families”

  1. @Cherryl-kd: The Role of Family in Young People’s Education
  2. Miss D CoxThe power of talking with parents – some ideas & anecdotes for new teachers
  3. Sue Cowley: We are Family
  4. Things Behind the SunClarifying roles and responsibilities
  5. Tom SherringtonParent Power, Partnership and Pushiness
  6. Jude Enright: What is the role of the family in your people’s education?
  7. Andy LewisWhat is the role of the family in young people’s education? (RC Focus)
  8. Chris Chivers: Parents and Schools and What do parents want from schools?


#blogsync 8: “Marking with Impact”

  1. @Cherryl-kd: To Mark or Not to Mark
  2. Sue Cowley: “The Editors” – there are many kinds of edit.
  3. Chris Chivers: Marking: Continuing the Dialogue
  4. Sarah Findlater: Marking for the Masses and Feedback for the Future
  5. Shaun Allison: Marking: Minimum Effort for Maximum Pleasure
  6. James GurungUsing end-of-term tests to move learning forward
  7. @just_maths: Maths Plasters
  8. Tom SherringtonFormative use of Summative Tests
  9. Andy Lewis: Collaborative Marking with Impact
  10. Paul Raymond Collins: A festival of acronyms: WWW, EBI and INT
  11. David Didau: Marking is an act of love
  12. Mary Myatt: Should I be marking every piece of work?
  13. Chris Curtis: This Marking is Killing Me
  14. Michael Tidd: Effective marking: a primary slant
  15. Stretch potential: Marking: Encouraging and evidencing dialogue
  16. Tom RileyImproving feedback in a 1:1 environment
  17. Alex QuigleyMake your ‘marking policy’ a ‘feedback policy’, and Dirty Work
  18. @redorgreenpenDoes DIRT work in maths?
  19. Joe KirbyWhat if you marked every book, every lesson?
  20. Helen LocheadManageable and meaningful marking
  21. Chris Waugh: Give the feedback before the race is run
  22. David FawcettUnderstanding why feedback doesn’t stick and Using methods to make feedback stick
  23. Laura McInernyThe Quick, The Weird, and The Thorough: How I Mark Student Work


#blogsync 7: “The Purpose of Education”

  1. @Cherryl-kd: The Purpose of Education? – different things to different people
  2. Sue Cowley: Doors Open
  3. Andy Day The Purpose of Education? -Not so much filling up empty vessels, as empty chairs
  4. Jude Enright: What is the Purpose of Education? – A Trip to Cambridge
  5. Michael Tidd: The purpose of Education? – Broadening Horizons
  6. Chris ChiversMaking sense of the world around you
  7. Tim TaylorTrivium: the answer to the purpose of education?
  8. PedagogintheMachine: The Purpose of Education? Ask Malala Yousafzai
  9. Debbie and Mel: Two thoughtful contributions to the discussion on the purpose of education
  10. Janet ColledgeThe Purpose of Education? – To build confidence & ambition, & to aid social mobility
  11. Chris Hildrew: The Purpose of Education? Individuality, Community, Love of Learning
  12. Andrew Cowley: The Purpose of Education? Making a Difference
  13. Harry Fletcher-Wood: The Purpose of Education? All students will be wise, empowered and intellectually-able citizens.
  14. The Numpty Teacher: The Purpose of Education? Education has a redemptive quality that never abandons a child and always welcomes them back
  15. Mishmashlearning: The Purpose of Education: Learning in all its shades
  16. CavAn education to change the world
  17. Specialsciteach: The Purpose of Education? Doors Open – Eyes Open
  18. FranscescaThe Purpose of Education? Education can set you free!


#blogsync 4: “Progress in my classroom? How it is made and how I know it.”

  1. E Tomazde Vasconcelos: “It’s when they know more on the way out than they did on the way in.
  2. Mark Anderson: Progress measured by students via “Socrative”
  3. CherrylkdMaking Progress in my Classroom and How I Show it.
  4. Rachel Jones: Progress in Sociology via SOLO
  5. Singsunshine: Progress, Fun and Phonemes
  6. Chris CurtisProgress – It’s all about STEPS
  7. : Progress – The diagnostic and summative testing cycle in Mathematics
  8. Tim Eaglestone: Progress – looking towards the end of “Levels” as descriptors.
  9. Tim SheltonLearning Logs – Showing sustained and rapid progress
  10. Jude EnrightSmashing the glass ceiling
  11. Paul Raymond Collins: Progress in three Maths classes on three levels
  12. Michael Tidd: “Education is what is left after all that has been learnt is forgotten.
  13. Laura McInerney: My best tip for ensuring you and your students know they have learned all the essential facts on a topic
  14. @specialsciteachProgress for BESD students
  15. Tavia Allan: Progress is more than what is described in the markbook
  16. Tessa Matthews: How to determine progress in the acquisition of knowledge in a skills-focussed system
  17. Gordon Baillie: It’s about the relationships, stupid!
  18. John TomsettThis much I know about…”Progress in my classroom? How it is made and how I know it.”
  19. Chris Hildrew: Progress: Knowledge, Skills and Development
  20. Tom Sherrington: Journeys and The Learning Arc
  21. Tim Taylor: Tolerance for ambiguity – The difference between complex and complicated.
  22. Debra KiddProgress? It’s more complicated than they’d have you believe!
  23. James McEnaney: Progress in my classroom? It’s invisible.
  24. Anna PalmerWalking in their shoes – How progress is made in my classroom.
  25. Cav: Progress, ’til there’s nothing left to gain.
  26. Ross McGill: Share: Tool for demonstrating Rapid Progress
  27. Clare FenwickLift your head above the parapet
  28. Joe KirbyHow do I know – and show – whether my students are making progress?


#blogsync 3: “Wasted investment? Why do so many teachers leave the profession in the first 5 years?”

  1. Cherrylkd: Why do so many teachers leave the profession?
  2. James McEnaneyWhy do so many teachers leave the profession?
  3. Jude Enright: Does partnership offer the inspiration needed in schools?
  4. Tom Sherrington: Are people tired of working in the plantation?
  5. Anonymous: Why I left teaching.
  6. Ben PrestonHow can the issue of ‘disillusionment’ be addressed?
  7. Michael Tidd: What might make teachers stay?
  8. Anna Palmer: Why we leave the profession in the first 5 years
  9. Lynne Moore (Superstylynne): “Buffeted by the weather
  10. Shouldibeateacher: “I ask myself what I would rather do
  11. Pete Jones: “The stifling accountability bus
  12. Gwenelope: A Crisis of Faith?
  13. Chris CurtisA candle in the darkness or a forklift in the library?
  14. Kenny Pieper: The Nigel Hawthorne Effect
  15. Andy Knill: Teaching completes me
  16. Beth Kemp: It’s harder than people realise
  17. Paul Raymond CollinsI’m still here. Will I be in another 3 years?
  18. Specialsciteach: Teachers need to feel trusted
  19. Ben Preston: How can disillusionment be addressed?
  20. Clare Fenwick: “In my experience it is the quiet unassuming schools that often achieve a culture of hard work and respect for others
  21. Chris Hildrew: “I have never considered leaving the profession
  22. Charlotte: What would help? More time, more support and more freedom
  23. cavmaths: The problem? “the way people enter the profession
  24. Mr Milne: Labels and Leavers
  25. Andrew Cowley: Why so many?
  26. The New Teacher: An NQT’s Perspective
  27. SingsunshineThere are easier ways to make a living… and still have a life.
  28. Thatch: I want to make a difference
  29. Joe KirbyWhy isn’t our education system working?


#blogsync 1: “The Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime”

  1. Chris HilldrewThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  2. @learningspyThe number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime?
  3. Mr MilneTurning Fear into Exhilaration
  4. @CherrylkdThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  5. Gossamer BenyonA Letter to Mr Gove – The number one shift in UK Education I wish to see in my lifetime
  6. Chris CurtisLes Misérables
  7. Gordon BaillieThe Universal Panacea? What are schools for?
  8. Jennifer WebbShake the Dust
  9. @srcavThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  10. Nick HartI did what I knew. And when I knew better, I did better.
  11. Mark MillerTeam Teaching
  12. Clare FenwickThe Universal Panacea?
  13. Tom SherringtonA New Currency of Educational Discourse
  14. Alex QuigleyUniversal Panacea: Revaluing Education
  15. Simon WarburtonThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  16. Richie DunkThe Universal Panacea? Trust
  17. Michael TiddA universal panacea? Not quite! The Primary – Secondary divide.
  18. James McEnaneyThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  19. Tony RyanBridging the Chasm
  20. John TomsettThis much I know about…the number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  21. Kenny PieperThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime: Step up.
  22. @TeacherToolkitThe Universal Panacea? CPD
  23. BishopErasmusThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  24. Pete JonesLiving up to your vision statement. The Universal Panacea.
  25. Bansi KaraA Universal Panacea? The Empathy-Led Curriculum
  26. Piers YoungThe Universal Panacea › “Cultivate”
  27. Joe KirbyEvidence-based Teacher Training
  28. Russell HallWhat dreams are made of
  29. Eugene SpiersThe Universal Panacea: Get rid of the politicians
  30. Jude EnrightThe Dao of Education
  31. Andrew CowleyRemove Politicians from Education
  32. Iesha SmallThe Universal Panacea? The number one shift in UK education I wish to see in my lifetime
  33. WonderacademyDestroying the Death Star
  34. Tim TaylorLet’s Imagine
  35. Isabelle JonesThe Universal Panacea? Trusted to improve
  36. Paul Raymond CollinsThe Universal Panacea – Time
  37. Chris WaughGrant More Freedom.

4Sign Up: January #blogsync

Blogsync and its contributors have frequently come to the attention of our politicians. As we’re committed to providing a platform for dialogue, we have invited Tristram Hunt, Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Education to read a set of contributions and make a contribution to this month’s #blogsync himself. Start your blogging engines, ladies and gentlemen, here’s an opportunity to influence our elected representatives directly.

This #blogsync is organised in conjunction with Labourteachers. Please indicate if you don’t want links to your letter also to appear on their site.

CURRENT TOPIC (January): “Dear Tristram Hunt, Shadow Secretary of State for Education”



5Propose: Topic for future #blogsyncs

If this month’s topic is not for you, but you’re burning to collaborate with your esteemed colleagues in the blogosphere, offer your topic for selection here.



6 Archive

  1. January 2013: A Universal Panacea? The one change I wish to see in UK education in my lifetime
  2. Feburary 2013: A Teaching and Learning strategy intended to elicit the highest levels of student motivation in my subject
  3. March 2013: Wasted investment? Why do so many teachers leave the profession in the first 5 years?
  4. April 2013: Progress in my classroom? How it is made and how I know it.
  5. May 2013: What would do most to improve the status of the teaching profession?
  6. June 2013: An example of a great classroom explanation.
  7. September 2013: What is the purpose of education?
  8. October 2013: Marking with impact
  9. November 2013: The Role of the Family


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